What Our Trainees say...

We are very proud to offer high levels of support for our amazing trainees. We are quick to respond to any concerns and have a course which is built to maximise the development of each individual trainee. Everyone who joins our course is different bringing a wealth of experiences and knowledge with them which we value and build on to devise a bespoke experience of learning towards becoming a qualified teacher. We have more tutor visits than other providers which means that there is always a chance to check-in around the corner.

"Teach in Kent and the TES institute have been extremely supportive. Being able to pick up the phone at any moment in training with any queries or even personal struggles and having such great support has been invaluable. Dan and the rest of the team are extremely positive, and enthusiastic and always have a great 'can do' infectious attitude. I couldn't recommend a course any more than TIK."
Alex - Secondary Physics Trainee 

"I would highly recommend this route into teaching. The amount of support and organisation has made it manageable, easy to follow and enjoyable. We've all encouraged each other and it's definitely the best decision I've made."
Georgina  - Primary Post Graduate Teaching Apprentice 

“I have really loved visiting different schools and settings ( both secondary and primary) and seeing the difference in the way schools deliver the curriculum.”
Fliss – Secondary English Trainee 

“Training with Teach In Kent has been an extremely positive experience! The team are so helpful, always on hand to answer any queries and have been so encouraging and supportive throughout the year. The online sessions are engaging, informative and practical with the opportunity to ask questions and talk to other students each week. I would definitely recommend this route to others.”
Rebecca – Primary Post Graduate Teaching Apprentice 

“I have found the training plan to be set out in such a helpful way that supports my build-up of skills without causing stress; definitely no being thrown in the deep end and a very helpful training provider.”
Maisie - Secondary Chemistry Trainee 

“The course has been well structured and everyone involved has been extremely knowledgeable , helpful and understanding. Coming from a completely different environment, this was one of my biggest concerns and it definitely didn’t  need to be. I have felt needed and that I was an asset straight away.”
Louise – Secondary English Trainee 

“I can't think of a better way to learn to teach. On the job training with a really good level of theory.” 
Thomas - Primary Post Graduate Teaching Apprentice 

"Teach in Kent's insightful employment seminars provided invaluable interview, contract and CV tips which have given me the confidence and knowledge I needed when looking for my first job as a qualified teacher." 
Kimberley – Primary Trainee

“My in-school mentor is always in hand to ask any question I have, however big or small.”
Nikki – Secondary Chemistry Trainee 

“The course is full of different support networks and you are made to feel that anything is possible! My mentor and ITT coordinator are a great support to me and they are able to be well informed about their role in my training via the contact with TiK.” 
Aleisha - Primary Post Graduate Teaching Apprentice 

"The support I have received from both TIK and TES has been fantastic! My pathway tutor is kind and approachable, and my personal circumstances have been met with help, support, and guidance."
Nathan - Primary Post Graduate Teaching Apprentice

"The Teach in Kent course has been extremely beneficial in my journey to become a teacher. Initially coming from a non-teaching background I was unsure how I would be able to quickly adapt to the classroom. The structure of the course allows maximum exposure time within the classroom, whilst giving a workable learning load through the use of online lectures and digital platforms. The staff have been on hand to support you with any support, queries or struggles which gives that additional comfort in knowing that you will not be completing your training year alone. Whilst the course operates digitally for the learning, the course includes regular face to face check-ins with your tutor, who is able to make sure you are kept on track and pass each unit. Overall I would recommend this course to anyone considering teaching as a career."
Steve – Primary Trainee

Alisha - Primary Trainee

Connor - Secondary Trainee

Lauren - Secondary Trainee and Now a mentor!

Great to see our trainee make such quick progress in their careers!