Our Partner Schools

We are proud to work with over 150 schools in Kent and across the UK. We pride ourselves on high levels of support for our schools with timely advice on all aspects of teacher training and ITT recruitment. Many of our partner schools host a number of recruitment events to help them address the challenges of staffing in an increasingly difficult landscape. With our support, our partner schools use a "grow your own" approach to support their existing staff as well as recruitment directly through Teach in Kent.
There is no membership cost in working with Teach in Kent for our schools.

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How is Teach in Kent Different?

We have an online ITT provider, TES Institute, which means your trainee will not be travelling to a university or SCITT for their training sessions meaning they will spend lots of time in your school. The online study day is also not a fixed day of the week, giving you more flexibility in timetabling.

We offer high levels of support through Teach in Kent's dedicated team. TES Institute also offer high levels of support for trainees and schools with tutors visiting schools often.

What training routes do we offer?

We have two routes to gaining QTS and PGCE. These are the employed route (Post Graduate Teaching Apprenticeship and ITT employment based) and the ITT fee-funded route. Whether you have a member of staff who is seeking to gain QTS, you would like to host a trainee teacher who is not employed by the school or you would like us to help you fill a vacancy in your school for a trainee teacher, we can help. Please contact dan@teachinkent.co.uk to let us know your requirements. 

How can we help your school with recruitment?

Our highly proactive approach has led to strong recruitment, bucking the downward trend in ITT applications nationally. Our innovative marketing strategies are ensuring a steady flow of high quality applicants for our schools. Teach in Kent can support you by running recruitment events in your school to attract local graduates. These events have been very successful and run alongside the numerous online events which attract potential trainees teachers.
We can also help by matching you to any of the applicants we have who are seeking apprenticeship or employment routes. We do not charge for these services.