Teaching Apprenticeships

The Post Graduate Teaching Apprenticeship is an exciting route into becoming a qualified teacher. This route enables trainees to develop their knowledge of teaching whilst developing practical classroom skills as a paid unqualified teacher in one of our partner schools.  Typically candidates for this route will have experience of working in a school due to the demands of undertaking a training course whilst teaching classes. Trainees are in school for four days per week and have one day per week to undertake online study which gives them great flexibility in when and how to engage with a course which is bespoke to their level of previous experience. The fees for your training are usually covered by your school's apprenticeship levy.
Trainees on this programme are paid a salary of at least point 1 on the unqualified teacher scale.

What school do I train in?

  • If you already work in a school, we are happy to speak to them about undertaking the Post Graduate Teaching Apprenticeship in your current school; please contact dan@teachinkent.co.uk to link us up with your Headteacher. The fees for your course are usually paid for using the apprenticeship levy.
  • If your current school are not able to support you for your training year, we have many schools looking for trainees during the recruitment year and we regularly share details of potential apprentice teachers with our partner schools.
  • If you don't work in a school and don't have school experience, we would advise that you will need to gain this first before undertaking the apprenticeship route as it would be very demanding for someone without school experience to manage the workload effectively. Our partner schools are often seeking graduates in classroom support roles which would enable you to build up your experience of school life.